January 21, 2013

Acer S7 ultrabook exception in Windows 8

TheToshiba PA3817U-1BRS Batterysurprises out of the box. In the right direction also. We stopped by the progress made in terms of design and finish. This is not the first time that we note about appliances giant global computer, but it is truer than ever. Acer wants to erase its image builder input range and S7 is the embodiment of this desire.

Between the Macbook Air and otherToshiba Satellite U405 SeriesUltrabooks, we can say that we had more than our fair share of ultra-portable in recent months. S7 still managed to surprise with its design to say the least. Far rather masculine dark colors that adorn most of the production unit impresses with its blend dress white glass and aluminum. It is very pretty and has joined the editorial staff but it is possible that this bias does not appeal to everyone. At the same time, we must dare to stand out and it succeeded. We may have some doubts about the usefulness of this glass plate on the back of the screen that represents a potential weak point. From this point of view, all aluminum finish of the 11.6-inchDell Latitude E5400 Batteryvariant is preferable.

Anyway, the design is successful frankly, the S7 is extremely fine and displays the original lines. The finish is generally very high quality even if you notice a few things that deserved a little more attention. We would like to see for example the connection directly cut from aluminum rather than being surrounded by plastic. All is not perfect, but it is the best computer in the history of Acer and certainly one of the prettiest in recent years, all brands. A great performance when you think about what was on the PC market a few years ago.

With a computerDell Inspiron 1210 Batteryso thin you can not help but fear that the keyboard appears uncomfortable. If the chicklet keyboard S7 is large and well arranged, it is indeed not the most comfortable car keys lack depth and pressure resistance is minimal. This is probably due to the available space and you can not have everything. This does not prevent you from typing the same long but we saw more enjoyable, even on an ultraportable. Mention may be made or the Lenovo Yoga UX32VD Asus.

The touchpad is it efficient, accurate without being huge. It should also keep in mind that requires touchscreen, it is used much less often than the previous line of computers. Always within ergonomics, we discuss a small defect at the edges of the device. These are indeed very sharp. You will not cut you but they prove uncomfortable when you let sit on his wrists.

Like the Lenovo Yoga, theDell Precision M6400is Ultrabook "classic" which was added a touchscreen. Both products nevertheless express very different philosophies. The S7 uses a hinge limited to 180 ° opening where Yoga operates a complete reversal of the slab. Here it is possible to lower the screen on the table (for a example) but not to reverse completely. No change in use, but tablet so nice all the same because the screen is not top off fingers.

However, we gain 250 grams compared to Yoga. As we noted at the sight of the machine at IFA, the hinge also offers a very high resistance needed to use touch.

The slab itself is very satisfactory.Dell Studio 1535 BatteryUsingIPS technology and Full HD resolution, the screen offers a beautiful image. Brightness and contrast are at the rendezvous, while the colors are more accurate and slightly saturated. This is not the most accurate but it is more flattering to the eye. The only drawback is the presence of reflections induced by capacitive overlay which is inevitable. Note that the glass surface is a Gorilla Glass 2 which should ensure a very high resistance to shocks. The sound is also a pleasant surprise. Despite the fine,Dell Precision M2400 Batteryhas managed to offer a generous volume and fairly balanced.

The S7 is available in several versions, ranging from the Core i5 and Core i7 with 128 or 256 GB SSD. We appreciate the choices, the unique configuration is too often the norm. Our test model was equipped with "that" Intel Core i5 performance but were more than satisfactory with Windows 8 decidedly low resource utilization. All tasks are possible in good conditions and with the SSD as a couple, you do not wait long recording or opening program. Suffice to say that for the interface and HTML applications, it is really perfect. For heavy video editing, you can always choose the Core i7 butToshiba PA3634U-1BAS Batteryit must have utility.

With so little room for the battery, the battery life is not exceptional but remains in the standard of Ultrabook. Allow about 4:45 on a single charge and video which should take more than 5hoursin office. The S7 is unfortunately quite noisy, which is even more annoying than the fan runs almost constantly. A probable consequence of the smoothness again. However, the heat dissipation is very good, no place is too hot chassis.

Acer S7: the most attractive Ultrabook

The Acer ultrabook S7 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive notebook of this generation, if not all the time, and it is probably no coincidence that Microsoft has put forward in its promotion of Windows 8 . Acer has really done a great job on this design model. All is not perfect yet but getting close. Concerning the use touchscreen Windows 8, the S7 is clearly not the most innovative. However, theDell Studio 1555 Batteryexperience is very pleasant and we naturally use touch as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Acer uses a great slab and the hinge is designed to withstand the slides using touch. However, do not be fooled, the S7 is a notebook, a real one. However, we can not help but imagine the S7 has a solution transformation tablet hybrid ultimate form. If Acer could hear us ...

Remains the thorny issue of price. Acer if we had used previously to products in reasonable price, this is not really the case here. S7 Ultrabook is a decidedly upscale, and it pays cash, € 1,300 for the version "basic" in Core i5 and 128GB SSD This is not unreasonable given the quality of this notebookDell Studio 1558 Batterybut we will think twice. Remains as the S7 is currently no real direct competitor, only tactile versions of Asus Zenbooks or Samsung Series 9 could compete but nothing on the horizon at the moment.


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