November 12, 2012

Asus X53SC

As the Packard Bell TS11 tested recently, theVGP-BPS13/Suses a Core i3-2310M two.10 gigacycle per second and with GeForce GT 520. It embeds 4GB of memory as its challenger and offers an equivalent property. Asus X53SC however differed by many blessings as a tough disk of 640 GB rather than five hundred GB video memory double as giant, a a lot of powerful battery associate degreed an aluminium palmrest. The presence of associate degree aluminium giant on a portable computer to € 499 is sufficiently rare to be mentioned. Asus puts conjointly obvious with a technology known as \"IceCool\" that keeps this space still contemporary for max writing comfort. The X53SC is it the case should this season?

A history of K and X ...

Asus is absolutely not clear in its vary unless maybe be a part of fans of the complete WHO have down all references ... Thus, we have a tendency to check the X53SC is additionally listed underneath the reference K53SC. Besides, if you wish the X53SC on Asus web site, you\'ll not notice it! however you\'ll notice an equivalent K53SC and its specifications, drivers, application updates, new BIOS, etc.. tough to grasp what extremely makes the distinction between a X53SC and K53SC ... Warranty? Sales channel? Some sites advertise a guarantee of 1 year and 2 years for others an equivalent reference ... In observe, the X models square measure secured for one year whereas the K versions have coverage for two years. {we can|we will|we square measure able to} deduce that some records are incorrect or product that more defines the reference range secured, that more complicate things ... Besides the name X or K 53SC, models square measure outlined by a sequence of letters and numbers: SX104V within the case of our model. ThereSony VGP-BPS13A/Q Batterysquare measure varied references moult sometimes within the disc. 2 colours square measure within the catalog: black and silver (like ours).

Asus X53SC

Livery with grey and silver (aluminum part), the X53SC is somewhat classic. The shiny plastic cowl has patterns however as for the Packard Bell TS11, they\'re bleached and therefore the end is sleek. Examining the X53SC, we have a tendency to discover a style kind of like TS11. The disc takes up the correct facet in each machines and there\'s an equivalent boss within the giant hatch that covers the complete bottom front of the machine. The hinges are similar and equally effective. Overall, theDell Vostro 1015 Batterylayout of the ports is comparable between the 2 machines with a standard defect: terribly weak spacing which frequently prevents use of neighboring ports. the correct facet homes the X53SC Kensington slot, DVD burner, two USB 2.0 ports additionally as audio inputs and outputs. At left is that the giant grid of hot air outlet within the middle of the flank, the facility connective (but fortuitously the large catch is bent), the Gigabit local area network port, a VGA output, HDMI and USB three.0 port. The Mount Rushmore State card reader is on that at the front.

TheDell Inspiron 1520 Batteryencompasses a capability of fifty six,160 mWh capability is eighteen beyond that of Packard Bell TS11 (47,520 mWh). as a result of the elements square measure similar, autonomy ought to get pleasure from a directly proportional gain. Another pleasant surprise: Asus has equipped the X53SC one module of four GB of DDR3 1333 Hynix, that helps increase memory and avoid ending up with one or 2 bar (s) 2GB gratuitous case the upgrade. facet burner, there\'s a Matshita DVD-RAM 8x double layer universal UJ8B0 quite common. In terms of storage, this X53SC is provided with a Hitachi 5K750 640 GB Despite glorious transfer rate, the disc leaves no lasting impression as a result of they\'re aloof from reflective printing slowly than the prodigal arduous in actual use.

The power jack is angular imposing misplaced.

Incidentally, thisDell Vostro1088Batterycomes untufted. we have a tendency to don\'t even notice or maybe little optical mouse that came with several models. It ought to conjointly produce the Recovery videodisk (5 in total), associate degree operation that require one hour forty minutes ... facet packaging, Asus uses principally cardboard and plastic lowest (only many protecting films).

Making contact ...

With 2670 grams,Dell Inspiron 1720 Batteryis slightly heavier than average (usually but 2600 grams). There should conjointly add 466 grams of the large AC adapter that giant catches don\'t facilitate ... while not getting to refer little, this Asus is one amongst the \"smaller\" fifteen.6-inch with 378 x 253 x thirty three one to thirty four.9 mm. The grip is sweet particularly once the portable computer isn\'t connected to mains. Otherwise, the facility offer housed within the left facet is annoying particularly initially. With slightly observe, simply take the portable computer over to the front (or back). Anyway, this can be still questionable because the size of the outlet ...

The wrist joint and every one round the keyboard (the \"top box\") is aluminium. conjointly a pleasant bit, it offers a really sensible rigidity X53SC as well as higher than videodisk (weak purpose on several machines). The aluminium itself contributes to the impression of coolness to the bit however it\'s not the sole one. Indeed, vents placed within the front, just under the aluminium square measure transportation contemporary air and facilitate keep the palm rest cool even higher than the disk. IceCool technology isn\'t a pure invention promoting ...Dell Vostro 1510 Batteryin truth purposeful. The keyboard is supported by a Synaptics touchpad that supports up to a few fingers, a bit like the Packard Bell TS11. The bit space measures eighty five x fifty millimetre and every occupy separate buttons forty one x fourteen millimetre. If there\'s nothing wrong with the touchpad itself, the buttons may be terribly yelling with a \"clack\" unpleasant pressing their central half. By clicking on the ends, they\'re rather more discreet ...

The keyboard \"Chiclets\" is kind of nice with a decent resistance of the keys though it lacks overall rigidity. Asus has narrowed the numeric computer keyboard to keep up optimum layout of the alphanumerical half. within the aftermath, the touchpad (always aligned with the house key) is nearest to the middle of the machine. additionally to the multimedia system keys and management (sound and light) classics accessible via Fn,dell xps m1530 batteryhas placed some handy shortcuts like Fn + Enter to begin the calculator, Fn + house to change power modes, Fn + V to activate the webam software package or Fn + F9 to disable the touchpad.

The gills square measure coming into air at the front underneath the palm rest: IceCool result.

Thedell xps m1710 batteryshiny could be a AU Optronics B156XW02 V6 fifteen.6-inch HD (1366x76 . It may be summarized in one word: banal. Like all crystal rectifier Volunteer State panels, black is just too bright (close to one cd / m²) and therefore the most brightness of white is on the order of 210 cd / m², a distinction of roughly two hundred to one. the colour rendition is pretty tight overall and extremely uniform backlight. Incidentally, this can be precisely the same panel because the Packard Bell TS11 ...

If the Altec Lansing speakers signed square measure neither higher nor worse than the typical, 0.3 Mpixel digital camera X53SC of a calamity! Saw the image pixelated and extremely sensitive to the slightest amendment of sunshine, it\'s just about unusable. we have a tendency to had seldom seen as dangerous ... Thedell xps m1330 batteryrelated to software package isn\'t ready to even part correct shooting.


In performance of the processor, there\'s not rather more to mention in respect to the check of Packard Bell. The Core i3-2310 two.1 gigacycle per second offers little in nearly an equivalent edges as within the TS11 X53SC. Asus shows but no scores continually best however the gap remains the domain of negligible.

MacBook professional two011: Core i7-2720QM 2.2GHz | Radeon HD 6750 one GB | four GB

MacBook professional two010: Core i5-540M 2.53 gigacycle per second | GeForce GT 330m 256MB | 4GB

Asus X53SC: Core i3-2310M two.10 gigacycle per second | GeForce GT 520MX 1GB | 4GB

EasyNote TS11: Core i3-2310M two.10 gigacycle per second | GeForce GT 520m 512MB | 4GB

4820TG Timeline X Core i3-330 two.13GHz | Radeon HD 5650 one GB | four GB

Thinkpad T61: Core two couple T7300 two.00 gigacycle per second | Quadro NVS 140m 128MB | two GB

Sony VGP-BPS13/B Battery

In 3D against the GeForce GT 520MX 1GB is a lot of safe than the GeForce GT 520M 512 MB although in each cases it\'s a DDR3 memory bus solely sixty four bits, the GeForce GT 520MX the Asus is related to the memory at 900 Mc, whereas that of Packard Bell is barely 800 Mc. additionally, the GPU frequency is completely different. GeForce GT 520MX the is clocked at 900MHz for the core and 1800 Mc for the shaders and 740 Mc severally against 1480 Mc for the GeForce 520M. With twenty first a lot of raw power and twelve.5% ​​more information measure, the GeForce GT 520 magnetic flux unit takes advantage of seven to sixty seven tough to clarify except by the extra memory though it\'s in theory not even necessary in 1366x768 with AA and AF ... The 1024 MB of memory could facilitate to avoid multiple \"swaps\" through the slim 64-bit bus and DDR3 that limit the transfer rate to fourteen Gb / s.

Tests 1366x768 with 4x technique. Street Fighters IV, Resident Evil five and H.A.W.X. are

configured with graphics choices to most, Crysis High, Lost Planet ² and STALKER

Call of Pripyat within the medium. (Full details)

Tests 1366x768 while not technique settings to minimum

except Sreet Fighters IV continually at most however while not AA.

The Hitachi disc isn\'t a lightning war despite its intensive use sensible transfer rate and interval correct. He barely on the combined operations of reading and writing (eg Windows installation) ... In traditional use, it\'s against \"pleasant\" and discreet.

Wifi performance restricted|is restricted|is proscribed} by the Intel Centrino Wireless N a hundred limited to a hundred and fifty Mbps and therefore the two.4 GHz band. association speed displayed on our router is sixty five Mbps rate transfer of vi to eight MB / s (far from fifteen MB / s Atheros AR5B97 with TS11).

Autonomy and nuisances

Level of autonomy, thedell inspiron 6400 batterywill average slightly higher than the Packard Bell TS11: four h four h forty four against twenty two. Curiously, whereas they need similar instrumentation, Asus consumes ten Watts idle (we ne\'er saw less) whereas the Packard Bell all the way down to ~ seven watts. By cons, in standard usage, it usually oscillates between ten and fifteen watts in one case as within the different. Reading Flash 1080p X53SC consumption is fifteen watts as TS11. The fan runs endlessly X53SC at 2000 revolutions per minute however at this speed, low amplitude is roofed by the disc. within the workplace, it goes just about ne\'er steady. At some benches processor, its speed of rotation is high at 3800 revolutions per minute. It becomes sounding from 2600 revolutions per minute. additionally, every level of two hundred revolutions per minute produces a visible increase in noise.

Prime95, total consumption is thirty four Watts (like the TS11) however approach by combining seventy watts Prime95 and FurMark. underneath these extreme conditions, the mainframe and GPU square measure around seventy five ° C. Before reaching eighty ° C, the processor \"throttle\" and therefore the fan speed from 3900 revolutions per minute all the way down to 3000 ~ 3200 revolutions per minute. If the load continues, theDell Inspiron 1420 Batterysystem oscillates between phases of full power and idle.

In terms of sound, the X53SC emits ~ thirty three dBA at rest (measured at the amount of the top of a user to the machine on a desk). once the fan exceeds 2400 revolutions per minute, the noise becomes a lot of sounding than the disc. The amplitude may be up to $ thirty eight.5 dBA with the fan at 3900 revolutions per minute. In 3D, the X53SC isn't louder than the TS11 with thirty four to thirty six dBA varies games ... Finally,dell latitude d630 batteryas within the case of Packard Bell TS11, the fan noise isn't in the slightest degree sharp, could be a blast. there's no mention within the pitching noise\" or variations and frequent sounding fan speed for an equivalent purpose.

Windows seven sauce manufacturer ...

Dell Studio 14z BatteryLike any self-respectful portable computer, the Asus comes with a Windows seven 64-bit Edition and a decent layer of bloatwares. From a manufacturer like Asus tends to spotlight the performance, it\'s ironic ... If Power4Gear is sweet and convenient, merely make a choice from four modes saving terribly easy to enforced directly via the choices of Windows seven. LifeFrame3 is \"essential\" to the extent it\'s necessary to get pleasure from the terribly poor digital camera. Live Update two simplifies updates drivers whereas Winflash is important to update the BIOS. once five videodisk restoration inscribed AI Recovery is not any longer helpful. the remainder of the program is useless, or a minimum of not much: Asus Color sweetening, ASUS quick Boot, ASUS Fancy begin, ASUS sensible Logon ASUS Virtual Camera, ASUS Wireless Console three, ASUS figure, eManual, eDriver, Google package & Toolbar workplace 2010 Starter, Power2Go v6, Trend small atomic number 22 Trial, Windows live4 package & Toolbar and nicety PDF. once could be a portable computer while not bloatware?


Testing a second transportable least € 499 confirms what we have a tendency to had already ascertained with the Packard Bell TS11. Thesedell inspiron 9400 batterymachines with a Core i3 2310 and GeForce GT 520M (X) provides performance so much superior to this desires of the workplace, will play in friendly conditions and supply sensible battery life (than the primary Centrino laptop). The presence of the Optimus technology conjointly makes it potential to reconcile autonomy and performance utterly. additionally, the cooling system designed for a mainframe and an obsessive GPU permits for quiet machines once the mainframe is employed with its IGP ... within the case of the X53SC we have a tendency to enjoyed the \"top box\" aluminium, excellent chassis rigidity and ensuing \"effect IceCool\" the palmrest. the massive multitouch touchpad is additionally terribly nice however the buttons square measure yelling. though it lacks rigidity, the keyboard provides excellent feeling through the touch keys. the additional power provided by the 3D GeForce GT 520MX 1GB is a lot of compared to the Packard Bell TS11 and therefore the presence of one strip of four GB is additionally a plus. is way less appreciates against the position of the facility connective, the fat intake elbow and imposing adapter with grounding. The Centrino N a hundred wireless card is additionally quite dissatisfactory at transfer rates. Anyway, the X53SC could be a sensible decide because the TS11, every with its perks and flaws. Given the costs, it\'s not cheated!

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