November 27, 2012

Full Test Nokia Lumia 820

Lumia 820 takes place on the medium-high range - due to its sheet - and strengthens the family of smartphones Nokia to Lumia 920 Lumia. Sold for 470 euros off grant, is a little less expensive than its elder, it is powered by the Windows Phone 8 system with a 4.3-inch (800 x 480 pixels) AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon S4 processor dual-core clocked at 1.5 GHz, 8 GB internal memory (over 7 GB available on SkyDrive) expandable via a microSDHC card, and a 8 megapixel sensor. Is Lumia 820 a good smartphone? The HTC 8 X which it faces a competition? Response in this testbed...

Lumia 820 displays a design of a clean, appealing to the eye but not frankly innovative genre - except perhaps the wide choice of colours.

Unlike the 920 Lumia, unibody, Lumia 820 has a modular shell (accessible battery, therefore, but SIM cards and memory pinned under the battery). what change the color of hull to the envi.

Is however preferred to touch gum, less rolling coatings.

Side stencil, the phone is not in the ultra-finesse or the lightness (160 grams anyway), but it fits in the Palm of your hand. Compared to the 920 Lumia, largest (4.5-inch screen) and heavier, it is obviously much easier to use regularly in one hand the 820. An important point for many users who do not wish to upgrade to a smartphone too big.

The 4.3-inch screen is equipped with a limited definition of... 800 x 480 pixels. At the present time, competitive, the density of pixels displayed here is clearly indented. A surprising choice on the part of Nokia. It is indeed not an entry-level smartphone... In front, its direct competitor the 8 X is equipped with a 4.3-inch screen also but with any other definition of 1280 x 720 pixel - identical to that of the 920 Lumia.

If the contrast ratio is very good, the maximum brightness is indented, with only 284 cd/m², against 410 cd/m² for the 920 Lumia, 374 cd/m² for the HTC 8 X and 500 cd/m2 for the iPhone 5. In terms of Colorimetry, the 820 is less faithful than his groin with a Delta E 7.4. A large majority of recent smartphones displays one of below 4. As a reminder, most the of of a screen approaches 0 and more true-to-life colors it displays.

The screen shows reagent and perfectly obeys the solicitations.

It should finally be noted the excellent initiative on the part of Nokia: allow owners of this phone (and Lumia 920) for use with gloves, with accuracy always last. A real plus for winter days! Would say, competitors, if you could provide the same treatment to all smartphones and tablets in the future, users in know you strong gre.

Interface and navigation

Windows Phone 8 is not a clean break compared to the 7.5 version. So far, the OS is evolving and offers now a few new features common to all terminals launched under this very nice system to use. We have compiled and detailed each of them (SkyDrive to share the calendar, notes, photos with different groups of contacts, the world of children, etc.) on this special page Windows Phone 8. Remember WP8 takes over the forces of WP7: integration of a suite agency link with an own account with 7 GB of free online storage on Skydrive notes to unify notes taken on the fly.

The range Nokia Lumia has many exclusive applications such as Nokia Transport, Drive Nokia, Nokia Music, or even Nokia Explore. All of these services offered free of charge are particularly significant, because effective and thoughtful like Nokia maps mapping system - common, itself, to all Windows Phone.

If Windows Store is not yet as well-stocked as iOS, in terms of games in particular, we appreciate to all test them, even those who are to be paid. SmartGlass app allows to enhance the experience on the side of video games to control an Xbox 360 (also available on Android and iOS app).

A few stars applications are still not on the shelves of the Store Windows. It notes, for example, the absence of Instagram and DropBox (but does have SkyDrive, share its data in the cloud).

Lumia 820 displays a beautiful reactivity and a nice fluidity in all circumstances (download apps, surf on the Internet... video playback), even when multiple applications run in the background. The integration of a stable system to a solid and well optimized technical configuration delivers good results and good behavior of the terminal on a daily basis.


Awaited for its qualities as excellent stamped photos by Nokia, Lumia 920 we had disappointed, with a non-homogeneous rendering and the marketed these last six months high-end smartphones below clearly. Lumia 820, also equipped with a sensor of 8 megapixel is doing better? Well frankly step. There again, it's disappointing. It is certainly a hair better than older, somewhat less blurring and therefore more details posted on the edges of the shadow, but overall, it remains unsatisfied. The picture function will clearly not be the decisive factor that we would opt for this smartphone.

Windows Phone HTC 8 X, despite increased a bit exaggerated contours, is doing better and displays including more details on the whole image.

Finally, while Lumia 920 was doing very well in low light, 820 does it less well, but with a little light and without flash, it can get out of the correct images due to light conditions.

Lumia 820 takes advantage of some applications such as photo welcome such as Panorama and PhotoIntelligente, to create a picture "that's Alright" from captured shots.

The quality of the video catches (so far in 1080p) is quite correct for a smartphone with a significant sound rendering.

The headphone output provides a high-performance sound reproduction without any distortion of the sound, all with good dynamics and a fairly correct maximum power. The external speaker is struggling to escape, with a notable saturation at high volume.

Equipped with a battery of 1650 mAh, Lumia 820 held fast the day with enough sustained use (SMS, Web, social networking, music, picture). Games and video, particularly intensive in energy resources, are more quickly lowering the autonomy of the device.

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