December 22, 2012

iPad Retina: the change in continuity?

Since return to the launch of the highly anticipated iPad mini a few weeks ago (seeiPad Mini: Apple's tablet 7.9 inch), Apple was updating its tablet launch, the iPad, offering "the iPad with Retina display. " On the menu this update, a new faster processor announced some small adjustments annexes.

Yet the original iPad is not so old: it is starting up in March Apple marketing "new iPad", the third generation of its tablet success (see Apple iPad: the third generation test). While rumors for months evoked an iPad 3 with HD display, this is precisely what the Apple brand we proposed. A little over a half has passed since then and while the Retina display is still valid for the iPad, Apple sees its tablet features to provide a new processor twice as announced fast. Review details!

Design sommaireAprès return to the "new iPad" Apple gives us so "iPad with Retina display." We appreciate the ingenuity semantic ... For convenience, we call iPad Retina. In this update, Apple does not change the design of its 9.7-inch tablet. We thus find the aluminum frame with rounded edges to facilitate handling with dimensions identical to the "new iPad" ie, 18.5 cm wide, 24.1 cm high and 9.4 mm thick. Weight does not change with 652 grams for the Wi-Fi model and 662 grams for the Wi-Fi version + Cellular. And Apple is still the iPad in two colors: black or white.

Recall that the iPad has a Retina start button, two buttons for adjusting the volume and lock button programmable (optional orientation lock or mute). The display has naturally its center button and found a mini-jack for audio at the top of the tabletDell Inspiron 1210.

The big news here is the design ... Exit the connector 30-pin connector and place the new connector Lightning opened with the iPhone 5. Remember that this connector provides benefits only for certain miniaturization and the possibility of connecting the cable in one direction or the other. Remains a major drawback: the connector Lightning makes iPad compatible with all accessories with a dock connector traditional ... And if the name Lightning suggests high performance, Retina iPad continues to enjoy a USB 2.0 interface: it There is therefore no hope of gain transfer speeds which is directly related to the change in connectivity. Moreover, while the connector Lightning sense on compact devices like iPod particular, the smallness of the connector relative to the imposing size of the tablet here is a handicap: we are surprised to find it difficult to insert or pull the plug!

Components and return to screen OverviewDignity novelty of this iPad Retina is the processor. While the "new iPad" using the A5X, a dual-heart with a chipset boosted to ensure fluidity necessary to support the resolution Retina, iPad takes advantage of the Retina A6X. Variant of the A6 launched with the iPhone 5,inspiron 6400has two execution cores running at 1.4 GHz (1 GHz against the iPhone 5) and a graphics chip severe muscular and presented as quad Apple-core.

The graphical part of new benefits in effect with the inclusion of new SGX cores, the SGX554 PowerVR. Here Apple has doubled the number of computing units while we note a slight gain frequency: 300 MHz against 250 MHz above. Apple announces and graphics performance than twice that expected to see games appear Retina greedy but, hopefully, more realistic. In all cases, the A6X this fourth-generation iPad will be based on a 1 GB RAM and substantial little refinement: the chip A6X visibly etched 32 nm against 45 nm for the previous A5X. A detail which is important since it allows to put more computing units, we have seen, while containing essential parameters such as heat or electricity consumption. In use, the iPad Retina warms up a bit but still significantly less than its predecessor which is welcome.

Thedell inspiron 6000enjoys a circuit Wi-Fi dual-band i802.11a/b/g/n whose maximum speed can now reach 150 Mbit / s and a circuit 3G, if you opt for the model Wi -Fi + Cellular. Bluetooth is part of version 4.0. Only models and Wi-Fi + GPS Cellular advantage.

Side of the screen, Apple offers us as the previous iPad ... Retina screen. The latter boasts a definition of 2048 x 1536 pixels, or more or less 3.1 million pixels on the screen. Pixel density here is 264 pixels per inch. In practice this can obviously enjoy a fine display of more pleasant with large text and icons ... such fine and detailed. In the area there are many who do better than Google with its Nexus 10, the recent definition of 2560 x 1600 pixels achieves a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

Remember that to take advantage of the Retina display, iPad applications should be reviewed to include Retina graphics. Since the release of "New iPad" a number of the 275,000 claimed by Apple iPad apps have already been updated. It is naturally non-optimized apps while Retina Retina said graphic that says occupation than the app in system memory.

The side of the battery, the iPad has a Retina 42.5 Wh Lithium and if Apple always communicates on a range of ten hours on Wi-Fi, the novelty of this iteration is to seek side of the charger because the charger brand book now 12 Watts instead of 10 Watts model above. Remains that the load is still very long.

Camera back to sommaireComme its predecessor, the iPad Retina acquires iSight camera of 5 megapixels with optics composed of five elements. Open at f: 2.4, it is accompanied by a system of autofocus and an infrared filter.

If the iSight does not change between the new iPad Retina and iPad, there are logically the ability to record HD video in 1080p. Remains whether the size of the iPad lends itself actually taking pictures or videos, which is another debate ...

For its part, the front camera FaceTime operates a 1.2 megapixel HD sensor capable of running 720p. This is clearly a step in front of the third-generation iPad but always confined the camera to use booster.

Unavoidable, the SunSpider test measures the speed of our shelves for Javascript. The results are expressed in milliseconds, reading the graph is reversed: the smallest bar representing the fastest tablet. The iPad Retina ends before the first VivoTab Asus RT in Windows. Progress against the previous generation iPad is here obvious.

Linpack is concerned with the rawdell xps m1210 batterypower of our processors. The test is completely synthetic and the result is a plebiscite for iPad Retina. Linpack score here is almost four times higher than the new iPad and therefore well above competing tablets.

Synthetic test, GLBenchmark for measuring the graphics performance of our shelves. The iPad Retina climbed into first place with 42% performance over the Nexus 10 and 94% higher against its predecessor, the "new iPad." It is quite close to doubling performance announced.

Conclusion return sommaireA barely six months after having marketed the "new iPad" Apple already gives offspring. Now called "iPad with Retina display", this fourth generation iPad retains the Retina display that was the whole point of his predecessor. Aesthetically and then the newest tablets Apple retains the look and feel inaugurated with the iPad 2, we need to look to understand the processor change. With A6X, Apple actually gives a nice boost to the performance of the iPad, even if for the moment the applications that can actually benefit seems limited. Nevertheless, this opens the way to more realistic games that we always wait to try it!

Faster with the new connection Lightning, iPad Retina also benefits from a front camera FaceTime HD improved ... updates frankly welcome to a new buyer but not sufficient for those who last March broke the piggy bank to s offer a third-generation iPad. Especially since we do not really know if a new new iPad with Retina display still would not be on the side of Cupertino preparation for release in the spring with a new chassis why not similar to the iPad Mini!

Ultimately iPad Retina is a very good tablet, with the now well-known limitations of the Environment Apple (iTunes / iCloud as keystone HDMI / USB optional inability to expand theInspiron Mini 12 Batterystorage capacity, etc.) but also, and this is a fact, the software environment tablet's richest moment. Apple claims not far from 275,000 applications for the iPad. Yet if the iPad wins for the moment hands down in terms of the repository, its price remains high. Opposite, the competition is organized and becomes more credible. It is believed by the Google Nexus 10 (see Nexus 10: Google tablet by Samsung) which, if it can not compete in terms of finish, made a strong impression on the technical and price for a fairly aggressive. Damage however it is so difficult to get one.

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